We put our stamp on your project

Stansomatic A/S are the experts in stamping advanced items in thin metal and steel. We are your experienced and innovative partners from concept to high-tech mass production, to modifying for further production. With more than 45 years experience and a strong culture of innovation, we can optimise your project so you will get the most functional solution as inexpensively as possible.

1970 - 2017

From idea to production

Fast and flawless production


Stansomatic’s machines are hightech and the production is flexible. The parts are produced in follow die tools and modern automated punches with a stamping force of up to 63 tons, and speeds of up to 800 strokes per minute. The production runs fast and flawless and this means that we are extremely flexible.


Laser welding

At Stansomatic we offer laser welding. The laser welding gives the products a consequent finish and is more efficient than traditional welding. We do laser welding in products down to 0,1 mm thickness. 


We do coil-to-coil degreasing in a washing system and clinical degreasing in the majority of the items in an alcohol system.

OTEC debugging

The surface of the finished products can be debugged in our OTEC system.

Reel-to-reel injection system

In our new Arburg Vertical injection system we can provide stamping of punched strips.

Partial gold

As gold is a very expensive metal, we offer a partial gold finish in our products.


In 1992, Stansomatic A/S had its quality assurance system certified with respect to ISO 9001. An environmental control system was constructed in 1993, and certified with respect to BS 7750.

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